Jan. 19th, 2010

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 First off, I'm sick. "OTL
I don't know what it is, but it seems like the malady my family here and down in California were struck with. The only difference is that I don't have diarrhea. *still sitting on the toilet anyways*

Anyways, that wasn't the point of this post. Last night, I was reading Madame Bovary Part 1 for homework. Yes, it was due today and the assignment was given out two weeks ago. S-shut up... >_>;;
Ever since last year (or perhaps even freshman year), I've heard everyone from fellow students to my Creative Writing teacher blasting the novel. Everyone seems to hate it, except for the LA teacher teaching it. Well, spending three hours reading 60 pages, I did now find myself bored once.

I think I must be bricked now.

I don't actually detest Madame Bovary. I don't find it so boring that I can't concentrate on reading. It actually engages me, and I like the character of Madame Bovary, in a sense. In some perverse and twisted vision of myself, I actually feel a connection with Emma Bovary. Je suis désolé... Why don't I hate Madame Bovary?! afjd;lsakjg;ljgsd;j

Also, a little thing about my most current "Ethan and Reve" story. (I still need to write up a summary of the entire idea behind it...) I had decided that in the play version, Ethan and Reve Version 1.4, that Reve would have a tendency to say "at all" quite often. Well, it's come to my attention recently that a certain important acquaintance of mine seems to be using those words often himself. Now, I don't know if it's because I'm just noticing that now because of certain circumstances or because I subconsciously knew that they said "at all" a lot and planted that into my darling little Reve. I'm hoping that these are really just coincidences and not some cruel joke being played on me by fate. Actually, I'm not even making sense right now, forget what I was saying. XD;;

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 Reply to this meme by yelling "MY SPAIN IS TINGLING," and I will give you five words that remind me of you.
Then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you.

[livejournal.com profile] parijienne gave me:

Yeah. Keiichi Maebara was my first cosplay (pfffffth, not that it's hard at all). Due to diabolical plotting, my attire now entirely consists of collared shirts with the top two buttons unbuttoned, worn over colored T-shirts. Yeah. His part in Higurashi touches me, it does. I love him; that's why most of my blogcrew claims are for Keiichi. XD;;

I'm not intolerant (to milk)! In terms of my username, though, it was really random. I was making a YouTube, and thought, "What's something that sounds nice?" LtheMilkEater came to mind, and I've used it ever since. During the days when I was not avoiding dA, I needed a nickname, so Milk-kun was decided upon. So you could just call me Milk. XD;;
Red was my favorite color before. Then it because blue. Then, after watching Higurashi, it became red again. XD
Yes, my adoration for Keiichi made my favorite color red again. It's also an extremely fortuitous color for Chinese people, so that influences me as well, I guess. XD;;

I didn't really, really get into anime until I watched Higurashi last summer. XD
But it wasn't until now-ish that I realized how horrible a job DEEN did with it. I'm still happy with it anyways, seeing as how it's really influenced my life. If I ever need a perk up, I just watch Tsumihoroboshi-hen~ Now, if only they would release Kai and Rei this side of the Pacific...

I hated writing until sixth grade because, well, writing=essays, and essays=evil. Then, I spent the entire summer between fifth and sixth grade reading Tamora Pierce's books. XD
After that, I was writing all sorts of whimsical fantasy stories of whimsical fancy. Looking back at that stuff, it all looks like crap, but it still fills me with a sense of longing. One of the greatest events of my life occurred when, in seventh grade, I took part in a playwriting program. It was the very first play I had ever written, and really, the first piece of creative writing I had ever really finished. AND MY PLAY WAS ONE OF TEN CHOSEN TO BE PERFORMED BY ACTUAL ACTORS AND DIRECTED BY AN ACTUAL DIRECTOR A;DJFA;GJ;DJGS. c:
My writing really took off from there, but sadly, the majority of my marvelous writing projects from eighth grade are lost.
Have you heard of Richard Hugo House? For the last two years, I've had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the SCRIBES summer intensive writing camp. I've learned a lot about writing from them and had a lot of fun. I'd even kinda made some friends there~ The program has given me hope that I can be a good writer! I'm sure something truly worthwhile will be written by me, I'm sure! But for now, I'll be working with my "Ethan & Reve" worlds. "OTL

Well, I think I may have tooted my horn a bit more than I should have there. XD;;
Have a nice day~♪

[Pfffffth, did I even do this meme right? XD;; ]



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