Mar. 27th, 2010

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     I was a Pokemon. I do not remember which, but I know there was a pre-evolution with me. If you've played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, parts of the dream looked like that.
     The little one and I, we were being held and subjugated by a large, mean Pokemon. It was cruel and unusual. We had tried to escape many times, but we were always caught and beaten by this Pokemon. I believe it was our teacher.
     Today was my little Pokemon's birthday. I really wanted him to be happy on this day of all days, so we tried to escape again.
     It just so happened that a Marill and Azurill witnessed our escape attempt from a high ledge. It should be noted that this likely took place on a rocky mountainside. They threw us a couple of swords and my little Pokemon and I tried to fight back. We were able to hold our own against it for a while, but we were losing. There was no chance of us winning.
     The Marill and Azurill saw this and decided to take further action. A cutscene occurred that was rendered with Mystery Dungeon-style sprites. They unblocked two openings to a tunnel that allowed us to get up to where they were. We ran as quickly as we could, and luckily, the openings were too small for the massive Pokemon to fit through.
     We met up with the Marill and Azurill who encouraged us to look around up where we were. Down a small rock-lined path, there was an open area that contained a large paper bag on its side. The opening was sealed so none of its contents would fall out. I prodded the bag tentatively with my sword, then sliced it open. Out spilled all manner of party decoration from balloons to streamers to those things that unfurl when you blow into them. I just knew that this was from the Marill and Azurill for my little Pokemon's birthday and I was filled with immense joy. I was so happy I woke up crying.
     Yes, I am reminded, there really are people in this world who care and want you to be happy.


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