Apr. 18th, 2010

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I feel as if almost everyone around me is incredibly fake. I mean, I can't deny that I'm not fake. But it seems like so many people are much more fake than I am. Or perhaps I should use the word "phony" and sound like Holden Caulfield. They're all phonies. Every last one of them. They all fake that they're nice, caring people, just like how society wants them to look. But they're all condescending. They think they're so much better than you. They all hate you.

I feel alone. But I know that I cannot be alone, and that there must be people close to me who are not phony. There are people who do care about how others feel. But why must there be so many who genuinely yearn for the destruction of others? I admit that on the outside, I do say those same things. But... it's all an act. Even though I may say that I want to eviscerate someone and turn their skin into porridge, I really do not desire for any sort of ill fate to befall them. Deep down, I care too much about how any given person feels. It could be the cruelest person in this world, and I could still find some way to empathize with them. Of course, it's until they do something to personally attack me that I lose the ability to feel for them, but that's a moot point. It's getting to the point where I am crying very easily.

Shouldn't people care about how others feel and desire for them to feel joy? How are we supposed to advance as a society if we cannot even fulfill this basic requirement? In-fighting will only bring about hatred and cruelty; hatred and cruelty will only bring about wanton destruction. If we could only empathize with others... if only we could throw away these pretentious masks...


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