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I just can't keep up with everything at the moment. Senior year is really busy at the moment, and I have all sorts of things to deal with at once. I'll still be really active on Plurk and Twitter, and I'll still check my F-list regularly. I just won't be very noticeable at all, sorry.

Here's where my rant begins:

In American Government, we had to read an article on a database that had "Issues and Controversies." I didn't bother looking through the list extensively until later, so I chose "Future of Reading" as my issue. Afterwards, I saw that the list did have Same-Sex Marriage on it, so I emailed the article to myself to read later. "Later" meant a couple hours ago.

The more I read this article, the more sad and frustrated I get. The arguments against Same-Sex Marriage hardly make any sense when you try to think logically about it. How can these people say that the marriage of a gay couple will open the door for polygamy, underage marriage, and inter-species marriage? The bond between two people who love each other is not the same as polygamy in any way, because it is still just between two consenting adults, like with heterosexual marriage. Again, marriage is between two consenting adults under the eyes of the law. A child does not qualify as a legal adult, so there is no way a child could marry anyone. Likewise, a donkey does not have legal standing. It is not capable of consenting to marriage. None of these arguments make any sense, and these are the ones directly quoted in the article.

It also talks about what the definition of marriage is and why it invalidates Same-Sex Marriage. The argument is that marriage is an establishment meant to facilitate the creation of children and a family. Because we cannot have children naturally in our partnerships, it somehow makes us second-class citizens? Bullshit. If that's the case, why don't the religious zealots also invalidate the marriages of every infertile couple and every couple that doesn't want children? Obviously, it's just them grasping for straws. If there was a legitimate reason why Same-Sex Marriage is wrong, I'd very much like to see it. By simply flipping the chessboard and applying simple legal precedents and rules for equality, even someone as indecisive as me can come to the conclusion that our society is simply discriminating against a people because they are different. It's the same as withholding rights from ethnic minorities simply because of fear over a change in the status quo. I want to believe that it is possible to raise a generation that can think for themselves instead of blindly following political rhetoric. Hope that there can be change is all I have.

I know that what I've addressed has been repeated endlessly by others, but these are the conclusions I have come to with my own thought processes, and I shall stand by them.
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