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I really don't know what to think anymore. So, I shall just immerse myself into various obsessions. And I don't care what you say. An obsession is not a bad thing (in my case).

Here's some actual information for anyone who cares.

I am Chinese. I am male. I am too smart for my own good. I think I would be classified as tsundere. I wish I could speak more Cantonese than I do, yet I'm taking French right now because I don't want to learn Spanish. (And learning Japanese like all the other Asian people at my school would be too tacky. >_>;; ) Anyways, I adore the English language, yet despise it equally. I love languages and the correct usage of them.

I am a writer. If you want to read whatever crap writing I've posted on here, ask to be put on my special friends list for that. I'm an attention-whore, I know. Just saying.

I also draw, but currently, that means drawing things for the school newspaper. I'm in Journalism class, I have an excuse for that, alright?

I want to say my writing isn't that good, but I've been pretty much recognized for it a few times, so I guess I can't. I just wish I could write more consistently. I also took piano for two years, but then my teacher could no longer teach here. Before that, I took a year of violin. I'm so great at staying with things I want to try, aren't I? 8D

I do golf. That's something I haven't given up on yet.

And on the matter of being too smart for my own good; I'm slowly killing myself with IB classes. Someone send help. XD

I'm too boring, too bad. We must all live with our inadequacies, for that allows us to live with our greatest strengths at the same time. Let's live life now, together. Let us move past this single point in time, put together the pieces before us, and create a future we can look forward to.

Hoshi Souichirou is LOVE!

Interests (28):

anime, character songs, cultures, golf, hayate no gotoku, hayate the combat butler, hetalia, higanbana, higurashi, history, image songs, keiichi maebara, languages, manga, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, no naku koro ni, no saku yoru ni, shining tears x wind, shounen-ai, six characters in search of an author, sora no otoshimono, souichirou hoshi, sukisho!!, the catcher in the rye, umineko, when they cry, writing, yaoi
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