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Dear Stranger,

You're always there for me
despite the fact that we haven't met
yet. When I need someone to listen
or someone who will simply be
here, I know that you exist.

To you, a person I know
who embodies the hope I have
for this world, take your time
finding your way to me. Just
don't be late.

A pessimistic optimist
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So, hello to blood_winged from the Hetalia Friending Meme! I hope I don't bore/annoy you. >.>;;

EDIT: I DIDN'T MEAN TO FORGET YOU, riceball. It's just that I don't know why I didn't friend you sooner. |D;;
EDIT2: And now, I welcome myhiddeneyes~ I feel like I made this post too soon...

In other news, I am amazed that I'm still writing that HetaliaxUmineko fanfic. I may actually get a substantial enough amount to warrant a post to hetalia and/or rokkenjima. >_>

I swear I had some reason for wanting to make a post, but I'm too tired to remember why. I should probably try to finish my drawing of SSVD in Eiserne Jungfrau clothing for watashinoekiben and come up with punishment game ideas for the (belated) Watanagashi in Seattle.

/pokes his Sukisho moodtheme

I need to upload more icons to my Dreamwidth account...
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Well, the breaker box/fuse box/whatever you call it at my grandma's house blew, so certain sections of the house lack electricity. Unfortunately, the house is only heated by electric heaters. 8|

So, I've had limited internet access this entire week. Not because of the electricity, but because we've been going back to our condo where there is no internet. So... yeah, problems there. We're unsure whether or not we'll be able to get it fixed before Christmas.

On another note, I've been feeling very down lately. I think that it's a combination of the season, philosophizing, and the upcoming Winter Break. I've been thinking about the nature of my friendships and such. Personally, I think that I'm a horrible friend. My behavior is very erratic, and I become consumed with the idea that I am not needed. Just a few minutes ago, I took a personality test from the PSAT site. It listed me as "ISFZ: Provider." The description that jumped out at me was "You are quietly loyal to family, friends, and groups and institutions that are important to you, and you hope others will be as loyal in return." Yes, that is true. Very true indeed. I give my full loyalty to those who are important to me, as is fitting of furniture such as me. But... I want- need that same sort of loyalty in return. Because of the ambiguous nature of (my?) friendships, when I see that they have other engagements with people, I unreasonably believe that I am not as important to them as they are to me. This causes me to start trying to distance myself from them, because if they have other people, I am just a burden to them. I know that this is irrational, but that is how it is. I find it hard to try distancing myself, though, because these friends are some of the only ones I have. And I do treasure them immensely. It's just that... I want to be close to them, yet that seems impossible if it seems that I am just another insignificant plaything.

On the topic of Winter Break, I'm just worrying over being alone for two weeks. That's all. Just... fear of loneliness.
I've been hugging one of my pillows as I go to sleep over the last couple of days.

Have a good day~♥ :D
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LiveJournal is telling me that it's [ profile] apathy_irath 's birthday today. Err, at least, for the next half hour in my time zone. It's, like, totally past your birthday if it really is, isn't it? Happy (Belated) Birthday!

I can't vouch for the veracity of these lyrics, as I did not transliterate them myself, nor do I have the lyrics sheet. I got them from an acquaintance at the Higurashi Wikia.
Key of Dream is a song included on the "Sono Saki ni Aru, Dareka no Egao no Tame ni" album. The titular song is the opening for "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Daybreak" for the PSP. I have no clue what Key of Dream is supposed to be for, but it's very relaxing. |D

Key of Dream
Lyrics Under the Cut )
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Répondez à this entry, and I will ask you five questions to get to know you better. Then, you must make an entry on your journal answering my questions. Sound like a deal? Good. Here are the questions asked of me by [ profile] haradamiri .

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Not that I have no ideas for writing entries. This one was just particularly appealing. My oldest friend is Hannah, pronounced Hana. I've known her since first grade, which means I've known her for most of my life. Ah, the memories... We went to an alternative K-8, so throughout the entire eight years we were together (we went to separate Kindergartens), we were always in the same class. Well, that may or may not have had anything to do with some string pulling, but that's beside the point. The way we met is actually pretty strange when you think about it.

Saba no Naku Koro ni, Legend of the Golden Mackerel: There I am, walking around at recess trying to find friends. In kindergarten, the only friends I had had were girls, so I walked around looking for a girl who looked nice enough. Approaching the first one, I asked her what her name was, Tatum, and if she would be my friend. That friendship lasted a full two minutes, as I was left behind as she crossed the monkey bars. Saddened by my failure to befriend Tatum, I walked up to the next closest girl, Shanice, and asked if she would be my friend. Sure, she said, and I was promptly left behind again. Aren't you so sad for me by now? Well, don't be. Walking around to the end of the play structure, I bumped into another girl. Telling me her name was Hannah, she also agreed to be my friend. Like me, she was new to TOPS, having come over from a different kindergarten in the district. We quickly jumped into these ring structures and pretended we were goldfish, putting into place a friendship to last the ages. XD

Saba no Naku Koro ni, Alliance of the Golden Mackerel: For the last three years, we've been separated by high school. We're still really close, but between my being a hikkikomori and her being near-technologically illiterate, it's only one rare occasions that we are able to get together along with our friend Jaime. I think we've gotten together no more than six times since we all started going to our respective high schools... "OTL
THIS SITUATION MUST BE REMEDIED!!!!!!! I barely have any friends in real life, let alone online... Where's magic when you need it? D:

Oh, by the way, "Holy Mackerel" has been an in-joke amongst us since long before Umineko no Naku Koro ni brought it up. So don't think I stole any jokes or anything, because I didn't! XD



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