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I just can't keep up with everything at the moment. Senior year is really busy at the moment, and I have all sorts of things to deal with at once. I'll still be really active on Plurk and Twitter, and I'll still check my F-list regularly. I just won't be very noticeable at all, sorry.

Here's where my rant begins:

In a way, I'm glad I live where I do. )
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Keep in mind that I've only watched as far as Episode 10 and I'm forming ideas based on half-knowledge while half-asleep.

According to the Witch's Letter, if the gold is found, the gold is given over to the finder and the interest collected by Beatrice is returned. According to the Witch's Epitaph, at the Tenth Twilight, the journey shall end, they'll reach the city of gold, and the Witch will bestow Four Treasures. If in the end she bestows the gold, resurrects everyone including the lost love, and is put to sleep for all time, what would be the point of trying to find the gold before the Tenth Twilight?
An idea of mine (that I know can't be true, but it's all I have) is that once they reach the Golden Land, they would obviously see the gold (right?). Under those conditions, the gold has been found and Beatrice will therefore have to relinquish possession of the gold and revive everyone as per the last lines of the Epitaph.
Now, the problem with that logic (not to mention the existence of Eva-Beatrice [not that I even understand how Eva-Beatrice comes about, just what I've gleaned off of Emi-chan]) is that there wouldn't be only one successor given that everyone brought to the Golden Land would theoretically find the gold at the same time, making it so that they all equally receive the gold.
If Beatrice winning means that the Riddle of the Epitaph is followed to the end, then wouldn't that mean that everyone else would actually win, given that they would be revived, receive the gold, and the Witch would be put to rest? In the end, what is the benefit for Beatrice if she wins? From what I can tell with my limited knowledge, whether or not they find the gold, the outcome will be the same.
Or, is it that the fact that people are dying in the first place proof that the Epitaph is being followed through, meaning that Beatrice and the culprit are one and the same? Finding the gold is only possible by following the Epitaph. Following the Epitaph and finding the gold is the only way to stop Beatrice's killings. The only way to stop the killings are to find the gold, but in order to find the gold, the culprit must kill as per the stipulations of the Witch's Epitaph. Therefore, stopping the killings of Beatrice's sacrifices is not possible unless the sacrifices are killed, making the entire argument null and simply circular logic.

I'm not sure even half of that made sense.

Also, I would like to express my thanks to [ profile] kucingila for friending me, as you are only the fourth to do so. It may not mean much to some, but considering that I've only been actively using this thing for a couple of weeks and I haven't reached out to many communities or people (due to fear), it has made a big impression on me. I have questions that are as follows and go under the assumption that you will see this and reply: How did you find me in the first place? (Higurashi/Umineko related, I would assume, as opposed to Hetalia.) Why did you friend me? (For this, I have no speculations.) Anyways, thank you to all, and I shall now prepare myself for the first day of school tomorrow, which I am actually looking forward to.

China and Russia's Maru Kaite Chikyuu come out on the 25th. And I am/was too afraid to try contacting anyone who was at the Hetalia meet-up. Also, my 6th period class is Journalism Writing.


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