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I wrote it earlier today as a part of my "I'm not going to do Nanowrimo, I'm just going to write a poem everyday" plan based around this Umineko-themed calendar.

Umineko-themed Nanowrimo Calendar Below the Cut )

Sea of Zero

We've guilt built up,
a social complex, labyrinth of
norms spiraling into infinity along
Fibonacci's destined path

They've innumerable spells
cast, wrought in gold bells

Winds against the palacial pillars,
trite seas batting fish through
air, a world of unknown variables
on a coplanar line that
endlessly expands in both

We've guilt built up
having created one
from a sea of zero,
putting into practice the art
of new life

Seagulls cry when the
typhoon sighs, I wonder about
our temptation;
warmth radiates from iced
heart bells; we've surely
built up guilt
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Story Lock Banner

 So basically, I do a lot of writing (at least, that's what I tell people). Most of the time (that is, 99% of the time) it's not fanfiction. Therefore, almost all of my writing has the possibility of being published (pffft, yeah right) one day, once they've been thoroughly edited. As such, even though I want to put my writing up for people to see, I don't want to put it out for all the world to possibly take for themselves. So, if you want to read my various writings, feel free to ask. :3

Here's a catalogue of what I have up so far:

They Put Him on the Train Laughing
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I Think I Forgot I was Alive
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Dearest Dreams of Mine,

When the world is made of dreams
all we see are the mistakes of
the future. Hard as we may try, we cannot
break free from a convoluted fate

Conviction is a deceitful gift that we
never utilize enough to realize
is useless. Tell me how a simple wish,
some arbitrary hope is at all
capable of molding past actions
into a bright future's foundation

If my fragments could be
appreciated for what they were by minds not
muddled with academic pride, surely I
could do the same for you

Deepest regards,
A disillusioned writer
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 I'm, like, totally excited. Seriously to the max- okay, enough of that. Pfffth.

Script Frenzy starts in four hours. XD
I-I'll probably stay up until 1:00 writing script and realizing how stupid I am for trying to write this but continuing nonetheless. Perhaps I'll try to inject some side story having to do with classmates or, gasp, the parents! I don't know how this stage play script is supposed to be interesting in the slightest, but at least it'll be almost like therapy for me. I can't wait!

Also, I wonder if for Day 0 of Sakura-con tomorrow (pre-registration badge pick-up), I should stay with doing School Uniform Keiichi or Shinji Ikari. It's just a matter of wearing a red or blue shirt underneath the white collared-shirt. XD

And now also, YO! PEOPLES WHO LIKE UMINEKO! I joined this thing and we need more members before all the fun starts! Check it out!
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And finally for today, HEY! It seems like I may actually get my green-colored contacts tomorrow, so I will, in fact, be able to have a green-eyed Spain for Sakura-con~☆
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 I decided two nights (yes, not days, nights) ago that I'd try out Script Frenzy. I'm quite excited. I'm just kind of worried that April 2-4 are Sakura-con. I'll have to come up with a shitload of pages on the 1st so that I don't fall spectacularly behind. XD;;
For the occasion, I've even come up with a selection of new characters. We have my main character, Aleister Michel, his admirer friend Aaron Williams (who?), and his friend soon-to-be-antagonist, Andrew Edmonton. My characters sound so... English. ._.;;
If everything works out with this, there will be tons of gay. Hooray. I really can't wait to get out of this phase. >_>;;

Also, in other news, I'm listening to Dango Daikazoku on repeat. It's so... relaxing... especially considering that I'm home sick right now. "OTL STUPID BODY, STOP BEING SO FRAIL.

Do you think it's necessary to have any important female characters? >_>;;
My writing style has really changed over the last year or two. I mean, two years ago, I would never write in first-person nor would I have male protagonists. Oh, how the tables turn. As with everything else, I blame accepting myself more. @_@
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Because I want to have even more projects that I'm never going to finish, I've decided that I want to take another stab at fanfiction and do an UmienkoxHetalia crossover. Frankly, that only kind of thing that I can write well when doing fanfiction is a parody, that is fact. So, why not take advantage of that and mar the visions of two of my favorite series by crossing them over, like in meiosis? I shall basically be rewriting Umineko having replaced the majority of the characters with Hetalia characters. It shall be grand. Keep in mind that these are arbitrarily chosen, so by no means should much be read of my choices. If you think there are any better choices, though, do suggest them. Pffft, what am I saying? As far as I know, the only friend on here who knows both Hetalia and Umineko is [profile] apathy_irath . "OTL
  • Battler=Italy Veneciano (he's the main character, come on!)
  • Beatrice=Herself (she's the only one I won't replace, I think)
  • Kinzo=Roma Antiqua (I don't care if personalities don't equate, they're both grandfathers XD )
  • Krauss=Spain (err, yeah... this one's for the sake of pairing up Spain and Romano...)
  • Natsuhi=Italy Romano (crackiness ahoy!)
  • Jessica=Lithuania (Liet is a tomboy and the love child of Spamano. Kill me now. o_o)
  • Eva=Belarus (Bela-trice!)
  • Hideyoshi=Canada (BelaCana ftw... O_o;; )
  • George=Estonia (they both wear glasses XD )
  • Rudolph=Germany (get it? Germany is Italy's dad! XD;; )
  • Kyrie=Austria (And Österreich is Germany's wife...)
  • Ange=England (she summons Stakes and shit, England summons unicorns and pixies; it works. :\ )
  • Rosa=Russia (her moodshifts totally fit Russia's yandere)
  • Maria=Latvia (and if Rosa is Russia, who else for Russia to beat up on than Latvia?)
  • Genji=China (I don't know why...)
  • Kumasawa=Seychelles (fish, get it? 8D )
  • Kanon=Hong Kong (it makes sense in my head...)
  • Shannon=Taiwan (onee-san...)
  • Nanjo=Germania (because RomexGermania is to KinzoxNanjo XD;; )
  • Gohda=America (I... don't get it. Is it his cooking?)
  • Lady Bernkastel=Japan (dead-eyes, eh, eh?)
  • Lady Lambdadelta=Korea (because BernxLamb yuri is to JapanxKorea yaoi... OH, GODS MY BRAIN! THE YURI, IT BURNS)
  • Ronove=France (would you like some of my cookies? They're in my pants.)
  • Virgilia=Hungary (I don't know how this would work out, but it seems hilarious.)
  • Siesta 45=Sweden (it totally works, alright?)
  • Siesta 410=Denmark (he seems like the one to smile the most out of the Nordics, so...)
  • Siesta 00=Finland (if only there were five Siestas instead of four, this would be so much easier...)
  • Sakutarou=Sealand (HAHAHAHAHA)
  • Gaap=Ukraine (this will be hilarious, because I only assigned her that role because of bust-size... >_>;; )

There should be more characters, but this is all I have at the moment. But there's too many Stakes of Purgatory, I don't know who to assign to them at the moment... "OTL
Look forward to a cracky crossover parody of Hetalia and Umineko! :D
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So after watching episode 21 of Umineko, I've come to the conclusion that my philosophy of life and the way I view the world have been irreparably changed by Ryuukishi07's marvelous creations. Here's something I wrote two nights ago. I call it, "On Belief."

I just... uh... Yeah, did that make any sense at all? If not, I guess you just need to watch Umineko... XD;;
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Also, yes, that is a shameless cameo of another of my characters in there. I'm establishing a universe! :D "OTL
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 I'm thinking of doing something similar to those "Friends Only" things I've been seeing around.
Because I'm an attention whore, I'm going to post random writing here under a friends lock. What do you think? I mean, I already put some things on Facebook, but what about putting them here? I dunno. It's not like I only have 8 friends on here. I guess it would be more like a repository of sorts. Yeah, that's it, that's my excuse. Everything else I post would be public because I'm an attention whore, and only writing would be locked because I'm still naïve enough to think that I could be published.

I will possibly go to a birthday party on Sunday.

Oh, and the new Umineko opening is splendidly awesome. Bern~♥

Milk-kun the Attention Whore

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So, we have some freewriting time at the beginning of LA class everyday. And then, if you read aloud some of what you wrote, you get participation points. Well, since I hardly ever speak up during class, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to make sure I don't participation-points-fail and show off my awesome writing skillz. Since we're reading As I Lay Dying (Faulkner, I have fallen in love with you), I decided that I would write each day as a part of one of my characters' monologues. Today, I wrote an entry for Ethan, who was being exceptionally perceptive and emo.

This is what I wrote:

           Loneliness is a useless term. No single word can describe the constant anguish that pervades one until the only course left is to either go out and make new friends or die. It is a struggle just as important as the struggle for food, because even if you have plenty of food, loneliness will waste you away until you are less than bone.

The funny thing is, apparently, the teacher called my parents because she thought that I was emotionally unstable/suicidal/something of the like. BWAHAHAHAHA! Ah, I have nothing against her, since teachers are obligated to look out for the health of their students. But really, now? Dad says he tried to convince her that it's just a writing style, and frankly, it is. I get this feeling of irony that in a Language Arts class, where we are examining classics such as As I Lay Dying, my sanity is called into question because of an exploratory piece of writing. Ethan's thoughts were not on suicide or teenage ennui, nor were mine. When I wrote this, I was thinking about the elderly. How those poor old men and women sit in the nursing homes we thrust them into, rotting away for years upon years. Yet, it is not just the elderly who must endure this, as anyone who is socially inept and has next to no friends outside of school can tell you. I knew that "die" would likely be misconstrued as suicide, but I felt that the point would not get across if I tried to substitute another word/phrase. However, the taking of one's own life is not what I intended it to mean. Back to the image of the elderly, I ask you: have you ever had to sit by as you watched a grandparent slowly waste away with the monotony of friendlessness? Is the message not clear now, that the death I speak of is not self-inflicted, but merely what would naturally come about if they do not "go out and make new friends?"

I have to say, I have heard a lot more disturbing subjects written about at Scribes by people my age, such as Nazis, drugs, and prostitutes. Can I not be granted this one reprieve from true despair?

P.S. I wrote, "the constant anguish that pervades one," not "the constant anguish that pervades me." Would you agree that there is a major difference between the two?

P.P.S. LOL, I like how I'm examining my own writing like how we examine professional writing.

P.P.P.S. Perhaps what I must do is the one thing one must never do when reading a piece of writing aloud: disclaim.



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